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How to get Success with Instagram Videos?


By now you already know the importance of videos in our day-to-day life.


Videos are very important as it requires the least concentration to pay attention to a video.


So now it’s time we start using Instagram Videos as well. Because using this we can communicate our message in the most simple way possible to our target audience.


That is the reason Instagram is promoting video content from the past as it released the IGTV feature and now the Reels feature has taken over the internet.


There are various Instagram video requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to have the perfect video for our profile.


Then there are different Instagram Video formats for each having different video time limits on Instagram.


To crack the Social Media game, Instagram videos have become an important aspect.


A lot of flexibility is seen while using videos on Instagram for having a different Marketing strategy.


You can see the steps of creating a captivating video Click here.


Winning at the Instagram game is never as simple as putting up a video and gaining success and that’s the reason we also have Instagram Live so that the Creator can actually come in contact with the audience without a filter.


Why Instagram Videos

instagram video

  • Captivating videos enhance the brand message
  • Less Concentration is required to consume video content.
  • More User Engagement.
  • More Time consumption on post giving a signal of high content quality


Using Instagram many people have gained a lot of popularity and the main essence of it was video content.


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Tell a Story

Instagram videos

Along with the video, the story is a crucial part. We have limited Instagram video size hence it needs to be used optimally.


There is a need for a storyboard covering the beginning, middle, and end of the video. Each segment needs to be divided in such a way that the objective of the video is clear to the audience.


If we have a business we need to explain using the maximum length of the Instagram video, we need to script it in such a way that the audience has their full attention towards the video.


Instagram has an autoplay feature when the audience is scrolling through the feed video starts on its own. So we need to have a catchy start for the audience to be glued to our content. Once they are watching then the important part is to show accountability. That can be done with video testimonials.


And at the end comes the Call to action where we motivate the user to take some sort of action regarding our brand.


Adding music to Instagram Video is needed for it to be pleasant. But sometimes users might not get to listen to it until he clicks the audio button so to make it relevant we need to add written subtitles to our Instagram videos.


How to add music to Instagram video

Instagram videos

Along with an aesthetic video, the music to our Instagram videos needs to be matching the mood of the video.


When we select the video on top we have the option of either keeping it mute or just using the audio present with the video.


For adding music to the Instagram video we need to select the audio sticker named as music and in that, we can select any pre-recorded songs by Instagram.


While for posts it is a bit different when we have created the video there is an option of swiping it for adding music to Instagram video and after swiping we can select the music that suits them best.


Lighting your Instagram videos

There are some basic sets of rules used in order to have good lighting for our video. There is no need for very expensive equipment.


Especially when we have a person there are some basic rules followed for lighting your Instagram videos.


Find Natural Light

The best possible way of light is natural sunlight. Make sure you are standing towards and the mild sunlight coming from the windows will do a good job for your Instagram videos.


Light Distribution

Find an even source of light distribution. An overhead source of light might be messy as the prospect under the eye and the partial face might not get any light. Resulting in not so attractive images. The best way is to have a front-facing light source having a good distribution of light.


By using Poster boards for background we can have a professional-looking setup for our videos. We can also use some creativity for taking good videos. Using white posters can help us soften the light from the background. We need to add all the good content in the maximum length of Instagram video allowed.

Shooting your Instagram Videos

First, we need to choose a camera. We suggest you use a smartphone camera or a DSLR as opposed to an Instagram inbuilt video camera. There are some limitations noticed with it.


Once the camera is ready we can start with the steps of shooting the video. We have noticed some things that can be taken care of while starting with shooting your Instagram videos.

Portrait or Landscape

Initially, Instagram only used to give us a square frame and hence used to cut out the rest of the video. But now that is not the case and we can make our Instagram videos size in any format and that is acceptable. If you want a Portrait you can go for it, or even if Landscape works well with your content. However, Reels are preferably Portrait because having its landscape would make the video smaller and not completely visible in the frame.

Subject Focused

To have a clear focus of the subject we need to select the person on the frame so that we have the subject clear in our Instagram video. Suppose you are using a smartphone for the shoot then you just need to tap on their face and it will autofocus on the face of the person for a better video.

Steady Shots

We need to have steady shots and not a shaky camera. For a good appearance, we will have to have steady videos. The easiest way of doing it is having your elbows anchored down so that it does not move. The other option is to have a good quality tripod and stabilizers to stop moving.

Being selective

As we only have a minute’s time in an Instagram video we need to be very selective in what has to be covered in a single video. 

Choosing your content

The simplest way of choosing your Instagram video is by seeing the brand proposition. What is the message it is giving out to its audience?


The product aesthetic also matters in the concern of picking up the right Instagram video format.


Noting down as many ways possible for creating a compelling video and the subject that could retain attention of the audience. Being consistent with your video strategy is very important as the tone and feel of the brand can’t be changing every now and then.


We can promote our products using Instagram videos to our audience. Using Instagram we can show the products we are selling. Instagram is becoming a major hub for selling products or services to a young audience. Mostly youth hanging on Instagram is increased a lot and marketers are well aware of the fact that they can very easily target their audience using Instagram videos.

Product while being used

Sometimes just showing the product is not completely the full potential of the product shown. We can showcase our product in Instagram videos while being used in the real world and that would just be the best use of video platform given by Instagram. That would be 100x better than showing the product on the shelf or having just aesthetic images. 


Rather just imagine a video shown where the Off-road cycle is actually being used on tough terrain and an aesthetic video of the cyclist taking the cycle through it would look so pleasing to the audience.


While creating a video with the target audience in use of the product only aesthetics is not enough we need to actually show the aspiration and determination of the individual while using the product and that should be matching with the determination of the target audience watching the video.


If there is going to be a new product launch and you want people to be excited even before the release. Then the best way is to give a sneak preview of the product using Instagram videos. By showing the sneak peek at your new product your audience will already be hyped to buy the new product and be eagerly waiting to use it. That means you have sold the product to your target audience even before starting to sell that is the power of social media and every business should leverage it to their profits.


Behind the scene (BTS) is used by a lot of people to make a special connection with the audience. If you show things like how you have done it that makes a more personal connection with the audience and they feel like being part of the journey. 


The business can create a more intimate connection with the audience while having a genuine approach towards it.

  • Show your followers a typical day of your life
  • Showing footage of work in action taking place
  • Staff introductions
  • Capture Company Events
  • A tour of the office, workplace, factory 

Download Instagram Videos

People have started to download Instagram videos and then share them with their near ones with Whatsapp or other sharing methods possible.


There are a lot of Instagram Video Downloaders available on the browser. People have started to save Instagram videos on their phones.


By a lot of sharing by the people, a business gets a good amount of exposure and like-minded people get to see their products or services.


Save Instagram Videos

There is a new metric of Engagement started by Instagram that is when a user saves the Instagram videos.


Likes and comments have become tough for the algorithm to know the actual valuable content and now they had started with Saving Instagram videos.


How do we save Instagram Videos?

There is a symbol of a bookmark coming on the same line of Like and comment. When that is pressed the post gets saved with the consumer and they can revisit the content again.


In this way, Instagram Videos can be made use to promote business, service and products to the consumer.

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