How to make a whiteboard doodle animated video?

Want your business to reach out to the audience by having a very complex message in the most simple and attractive way possible. Then check out the easiest and booming industry of videos.

Whiteboard doodles

Why use Whiteboard Doodle Videos

Make use of Whiteboard Doodle animation videos to reach your audience. 

1.Funny Whiteboard Doodle videos work very well in catching the eye of the audience. 

2.It is seen that the most click rate is noticed on doodle animation type of videos.

3.It is easy to make these videos with readymade templates.

4.Creating Whiteboard Doodle can boost your marketing as cartoons are shareworthy.

5.Cartoons are easy to remember.

Background of Whiteboard Doodle Videos

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Back in the day before 2009, there were the regular videos where they either used to make use of their face or only audio with the slide decks to explain their business. In 2009 the birth of Whiteboard animation took place and these explainer videos became the talk of the town as it was pretty simple and easily explain the problem statement and the solution. Then started a lot of whiteboard doodle animation software

How to Create Whiteboard Doodle Videos

Now you have decided to use Whiteboard videos but the next question in your mind might be you don’t know how to create whiteboard doodles. So there are two ways one can either create their own doodle animation or can get it done from professionals. Because at the end of the day you want to have a professional video. But today we are going to cover how to make a doodle video for free on your own.

Top 7 Best Doodle animation software

Let me tell you some of the software you can use to create these doodle animation. Before software, you would require a storyline to create a video. You need to use various whiteboard doodle ideas to create the final video. You just need to know how to synchronize music on the below-mentioned software and you can use any of your favorite music as well. But make sure you do not neglect the message of the video in the process.


Doodly is a very powerful tool with having a drag and drop feature. That makes it easy for anyone without knowledge of video creation to make one. If you want to create your own elements that are also possible with doodly. Funny Whiteboard doodles are easy to make with this software.

Doodly does not have a free trial but they provide a no risk money-back guarantee. For 30 days after creating your account.

Animation Studio

Animation Studio is a video editing software with a one-time downpayment. Very easily create slide decks into whiteboard doodle animation video. It has this custom interface that helps make videos from scratch. No technical skills are required to use this software. Premade templates are available to make easy use of this software. Creating whiteboard doodles is easy with this software

TTS Sketch maker

This software has an amazing Text to speech feature which converts the text into predefined voices that read text scripts just like human voices. This tool is also cheap with just a one-time downpayment. It can be used only on one system with 1 license. It is best suited for beginners and professionals. They provide free videos on how to make doodle animation video.

Adobe animate CC

Adobe animate CC is one of the best doodle animation software in the industry. It is one of the top-notch and professional software for creating whiteboard doodles. You will not require any other software for Post production edits. But however, this is a very sophisticated video editing tool and can be used only by professionals. You can create one of the best videos with Adobe animate CC.


Videoscribe is a powerful tool to make a doodle video animation with drag and drop features. It provides the best Whiteboard doodle ideas into the software with premade templates. This is the most used software by professionals and newcomers as it is easy to use and gives a good output of professional-looking videos. They also provide how to make doodle videos for free in their software once bought. They provide 7-day free trial to check out their website. It also has a free version but lots of features are taken away and we can’t afford our professional video to have a watermark of videoscribe. 


Unlike the tools discussed above this is an online tool that provides doodle animation video. It is not too complex for new users and also provides so inbuilt tools and premade templates for easier use of the tool. It allows downloading a limited number of videos per month. You can start with a free version to test the tool it has a lot of restrictions. To unlock more of its features one needs to start with the monthly or yearly subscription for the tool. It will contain a watermark with the free version whereas it will be taken care of with subscriptions.


Powtoon is also an online animator tool that provides suitable elements to easily make whiteboard doodles. This tool is also Freemium where you can use the tool for free and then unlock all the features need to pay the buck. It also has an easy drag and drop feature with the tool. But the limitation with the tool is that one needs to use the same characters throughout and don’t have many options with that. Which limits the creativity of the tool.


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These are the top tools which are used in the industry for creating Whiteboard doodle animation video. All the tools have their own pros and cons which are mentioned as far as our experience with the tool. We would like to have your feedback regarding which tools you like to use or have got good results with the videos.

Want to learn the exact steps to create an animated video.

In the end, it’s a personal choice of using which tool because the end product needs to be a worthy video that brings high conversion of customers. If you are reluctant whether with investing in a tool will we have professional videos then you can feel free to contact us. 

We provide professional Whiteboard video animation services and would love to help you with high converting business explainer videos. Just leave a query and we will get back to you.

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