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A Complete Guide to Explainer Videos

We are going to cover every aspect of Explainer videos in this article. Let me tell you why it is important and in which ways can it be used. Explainer videos are usually placed on the landing page, product display page or even a business can keep it on the homepage to explain their business.


What is an Explainer Video?

Explainer videos are used to convey a simple message with an audio, visual transmission so that it reaches the audience in the most efficient way. These animated videos can be used to tell any brand story as well. If you are thinking of promoting your business with videos then explainer videos are best.


Benefits of Explainer Videos

Explainer videos
Explainer videos

Explain your business

We have the shortest 90 seconds available to explain our business or Product or Service to our audience. Making Explainer videos is the best choice to do that as it gives the best Conversion Rate along with engagement to the user. 


This short video can efficiently pass on the message compared to a writeup or a blog as it takes more patience to go and read an article compared to watching a video.

Educate your audience

The best way to promote your business is to educate the audience instead of only selling it. Once they understand the importance of something they will automatically be sold. In our case, if they are educated of the fact that best explainer videos are the key to the solution to their audience retention problems then they will automatically be sold to make explainer videos.

Simplify concepts

If your complex business is to be explained to someone, make explainer videos and the task will be done very easily. The problem is that people don’t understand without a video but when they see graphics and motion it becomes very easy to visualize and the message get’s communicated effectively.

Effectively sell product

Your easy sales pitch can be present right after the education given. And that is the strongest part of the process when CTA takes place. Top Explainer videos have the strongest Call to Action. Videos can be the strongest tool to effectively sell your product.


Uses of Explainer Videos

Education Explainer Videos

We can make use of explainer video software to create educational videos regarding our business. If our customers don’t exactly know what is the thing they are getting how will they be ready for the product or service. Once they are educated about the product and why they need it, then the customer will be already sold to the idea of your business.

Corporate Explainer Videos

Creating compelling Explainer Videos is very important. In Corporate videos story of the brand can be conveyed to the audience. Rebranding can be conveyed to the audience. Any new acquisitions can be conveyed through an explainer video.

Sales Explainer Videos

We can create sales animation showing our customers why they should buy from us. Sales Explainer videos will be an effort in creating sales. The main goal of this is to close sales. We require a stronger Call to action with a good converting landing page to top up with the video.

Training Videos

Training explainer videos can be used to train the staff or the employees regarding a specific skill set to be taught or if there is a new product to be released. It is the best source of learning resources. You can make explainer videos to train customers on how to use their products. 

Corporate Culture Videos

The company’s culture is really important as it show’s the internal values present. Culture explainer videos can be used to maintain the culture in the company where rapid growth is seen but they don’t want to miss out on the initial value that they possess.

Marketing Videos

This video can be used as a marketing tool. These can be used in the marketing efforts used by the business. It is anyways short, crisp, and to the point making it a useful asset for the marketing team to use in their various campaigns.

Demo Videos

Customers never buy anything without seeing a demo of the product. With demo explainer videos we can even show the complex concept in our product very easily. A quick informative explanation is possible using a demo explainer video.


Benefits of Explainer Videos

Problem defined with solution

Customers are always looking for solutions to their problems. They will buy your product only if they see a solution to their existing problem. Best explainer videos always include easy solutions to the problems their customers might be facing. Explainer videos are the best option to link problems to solutions. When the potential customer sees the problem mapped to the solution they are ready to buy the product.

Product benefits

Every product has its fixed benefits and why our customer would need it. We need to include the benefits while making an explainer video. When the customer is satisfied with the benefits of the products we will have an easy pitch and eventually can very easily close the deal.


We might have written a lot of support documents for helping the customer make the right decision. But people skip reading through all of this. That is the reason we need to make videos to explain things effectively.

Shareable content

Explainer videos are usually short and shareable to the audience and if they feel it to be useful they further share it with other people as well. We can very easily share the video using a link to the video. Once these videos are easily shared then we have more reach for the video.

Great for Buyers Journey

Explainer videos are easily customizable and can be used on different phases of the journey. If there is a product that needs explanation then it can be easily handled using Explainer videos.

Helps both new and existing customer

If we create explainer videos for a customer then we can easily cater to new customers as well existing customers. If we have a new product then we can easily explain it to existing customers by using videos.

Easily adaptable

We can easily manipulate customers using the best explainer videos. It is easily customizable and can be designed creatively according to the needs of the product.


Best practices for Explainer Videos

High-quality script

The best explainer video has a high-quality script. That is the basic requirement of the explainer video without a good script we can’t have the best video and that is a red signal. A good video explains all the questions on its own and by the end of the video, no one has any doubts regarding the product. This is a norm we strictly follow here at Try whiteboard videos.

On Point explanation

In Explainer videos, we don’t need to increase a lot of things and we need to come straight to the point. As we have to keep the video as short as possible and that is a major criterion in Explainer videos. You capture the audience’s attention in as shortest time possible and want them to take an action.

Right Audience targeting

Our message needs to be targeted and should cater only to the audience persona we want our customers to be. These personas need to represent the exact ideal audience. We don’t need a generic video but one that speaks to the audience. 

Communicate brand value

Brand value is very important and we need to make sure the essence of it remains the same in the video as well. Storytelling needs to be relevant to our companies brand value. Explainer video software needs to be used in such a way that we keep intact the brand color and themes for it to resonate with our brand.

Visual Cues

Having creative visuals is a must so that it makes the video more engaging and likable, shareable by the audience. Top explainer videos always have good visuals and graphics associated with them.

Fun and humor

Even if we are creating explainer videos for business purposes yet we need to have a fun element so that we get more audience interaction and engagement on the video. Having boring decks don’t work anymore and by having fun and humor element it gets an instant connection with the audience.

Engaging music

We need to have engaging music in the system so that it is likable. Adding music just changing the atmosphere of the viewer as we want it to be seen. Catchy music tied together with engaging music works wonders for us.

Engaging voice-overs

We require the best voice-over artist in order to suit the mood of the message we are trying to communicate to make a top explainer video. Suppose a happy tone of the video but a voice full of depression is used then that would be a serious problem. For the explainer video to be professional using the right voiceover artist is very important.

Call to action

Without a Call to action even the best marketing technique will fail. Having a very strong Call to action completes the process of having an explainer video. We pay really important attention to Call to action as it is as important as making an entire video.

Inspires sharing

We create videos that are likable and relatable so that when our target audience watches it. They feel it to be relevant and share it with our other target audience who requires the same solution they were looking for.


Types of Explainer Videos

Whiteboard Animation Explainer Videos

Whiteboard explainer videos are the most basic yet effective videos. As there is no much background distraction and our message can be transferred effectively to our audience. We love whiteboard explainer videos as using these get the best results for the business.

Cartoon Animation Explainer Videos

Cartoon animated explainer videos are the most basic kind of explainer videos where the character we are showing is a cartoon character and we need to take care of the animations for the cartoon. We need to explain our pain points by making use of the cartoon characters.

Motion Graphics Explainer Videos

In this, we need to add motion graphics to our animated characters and background. So that these animated explainer videos become more catchy and attractive to our audience. To convey some message using video we can make use of motion graphics explainer videos.

Live-Action Explainer Videos:

In Live action explainer videos mostly we make use of characters to explain the concept. We can make use of staff in such situations where they can talk about the product in our explainer video.


Live-Action + Animation Explainer Videos

In Live-action along with animation works well as there is a human explaining concept and we have graphics going on in the background. Using this, concepts can be explained in an efficient way with visualizations so that it retains well in the minds of our target audience.

2.5D Animation Explainer Videos

A normal video looks plain without any depth. But if we provide it with layering, shadowing, morphing, and perspective adjustment then we are trying to give a 3D feel to a 2D video. We can make use of 2.5D animation explainer videos in demonstrating our product, equipment or apparel.

3D Animation Explainer Videos

In the 3D Animation Explainer video, we get to see the depth components in the videos. Using 3D animation explainer videos can simplify the concepts regarding your product or business. This helps us to add a lot of details to explain things in more detail.


When to use Explainer Videos?

Brand, Product, or Service Overview

When a business is looking to onboard new customers. They need to be explained thoroughly about the product or business. There is a lot of blogs present online but no one has the time to go through them. So we can make use of these explainer videos in order to explain our product. 

Introduce New Products, Services, or a Rebrand

When we have to introduce new products it becomes tough to explain them to our audience. The best way is to make use of explainer videos which can effectively leave your message to the target audience. By making use of audio and visuals we can simplify the process and be efficient with process.

Explain Complex Concepts Concisely

It becomes very difficult to explain complex concepts, in that case these explainer videos actually compact the message into the shortest video possible and make it very easy for the audience to understand.

Target Specific Personas

If everyone is your audience then actually no one is your audience. The very important thing to be factored is to know who is your actual audience. Explainer videos help us to target our exact audience. Using storyboard we can target the specific user personas whom we want as our customers.

Share Short Tutorials and How-to Content

If your products are being used by people, they want to learn how to use them in the most efficient manner. But they don’t have time to watch lengthy videos. We cIn this case, we make use of the shortest explainer videos which really makes the videos short and at the same time effective in understanding.

Support Sales and Marketing Campaigns

Businesses can make use of explainer videos in order to boost their Sales and Marketing. Both the teams can make extensive use of explainer videos in order to make their customer want the product or service the business is looking for. They can use it as a very powerful asset.

How To Make An Explainer Video?

We always believe in collaborative work and that the customer should be happy with the video output given by us. So at every point of time we have it confirmed that this piece is what the brand wants to be shaped as.

Script and Concept

Script and concept is the base of any video without which there is no possibility of any video. The animations, graphics, visualizations come later but the foundation lays on the storyline. We pay very importance to the script of the video.


In the story board process we need to make a rough draft of the visual cards. At this step we even get it approved from the client whether they like our visual animation. If for some reason they don’t like the animations we can have it changed at this moment itself.


Voiceovers play a very crucial role as it sets the tone of the entire video. We hunt for the best voiceover artist whose voice will suit the mood of the video setup. Finding the perfect voiceover artist requires several artists to record short clips in order to check the best match.


In the illustrations, we have proper visuals ready for the customer to see. This is the final look that will be associated with the animation. At this step, a storyboard can be redesigned using illustrations.


Once we have finalized with the clients regarding illustrations then we can get into animations and it involves using a lot of tools. Like Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After effects.

Sound Design

Sound Design is a complex topic where we try to match the background score with the mood of the video and it should also compliment the voiceover dubbed. The storytelling along with all the music mixing is done at this step.

Video Editing and Delivery

The Explainer video also needs to be optimized for the best visuals possible. It includes keeping the video short and crisp. We need to also optimize it by viewer perspective having the best perspective watchable, sharable content. Hence increasing the conversion on the video.


There is a long process in the creation of Explainer videos. We have to take the approval of the clients at every possible moment. Because at the end our main goal is to have a happy client. The client should make best for their business using an Explainer video.


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