8 Steps to create Animated Video for your Business

Planning to use an Animated Video for Business?

Whether you are going to create it yourself or are going to Hire Professionals, it is essential to know the process behind it.

That is exactly what we are going to explain about steps to create an animated video for Business.

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What is an Animation Video?

We create 2D visualization using animation. When we make these visualization movements it is considered as Animated Video. It includes Character, Storyline, Background for the video production. There are professional tools required to make an animated video.

There are various animated video softwares available some are professional and require high skills while some are user friendly.

What are the steps to create an animated video?

There are various types of animation videos we work on. But they all have the same steps to be followed.

Step 1: Gathering information

Before creating any video we need to understand the requirement of the Business. For that, we have to communicate with the customer.

We have a client questionnaire that we use in order to gather all the information we require to make a creative

It includes details such as a quick elevator pitch, benefits of their business, target audience, call to action, etc.

To get an in-depth understanding we also have a call or a google meet because we want to create the best-animated videos for Business.

At this stage, the Creative Scriptwriter’s work begins. Creating an animated video for business is the ultimate goal but we need to have the basics done right and this is the step when we get the groundwork done right 

Step 2: Concept & Script

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The most important step is the conceptualization of the video and the flow of the steps are decided.

There are various types of videos such as whiteboard animated videos or Doodle animation or Cartoon Animation that need to be fixed here.

We need to create the character according to the story and design the background accordingly all the thought process for it is done in this stage.

After the approval from the client, we engage into a script that effectively delivers message to the target audience.

While writing the script the following things need to be taken care of. The script is like the backbone of the animated video creation process. 

This script is used in order to have a structure to the entire video and this can be given by the customer according to his needs or can get it done from the script writers.

Length of the Animated Video:

The ideal length for an animated video is 60-90 sec. But it depends on the message that wants to be portrayed to the audience. Animated video makers usually try to make it short and sweet. But reaching the right message is equally important.

Script Format

The widely used format is Problem Solution Approach.

In this approach we picturize the problem that our customer is facing and then provide them with the solution which is by using our product. That should be a genuine recommendation for the problem statement.We need to highlight it’s features and benefits.

  1. Problem Statement
  2. Product
  3. Features
  4. Benefits
  5. Call to Action

The other method is more vivid and is used when the product is targeting a unique niche, Then we just put out the benefits and features of the products with the Call to action at the end.

Step 3: Voiceover recording

Now that we have a strong script with us with a powerful message and Call to Action.

After knowing the right brand tone and the concept we need to find the best suitable voice from the list of artist voices available with us.

Whichever accent is chosen the most important thing is the right Tone and the right Pace because that stays with the audience and can help to get the message connected to the audience.


Pace is very important as too slow of it can make it boring for the listeners while too fast can make it difficult for the audience to understand.


If the message of the script is something serious then we require neutral and authoritative voice. Whereas some funny animated video can have a lighter tone and fun mood while recording.

Apart from that stressing at the right words and having pause at the right time is very important

Step 4: Storyboard

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Once we have the audio recorded our next step is to create visuals by using a detailed storyboard.

Storyboard is nothing but set of Hand Drawn Sketches. Once these sketches are shown to client they are more clear on to how their whiteboard animated video might look like.

Storyboard helps the designer and animator to design transition scenes and progression scenes in the animation.

Step 5: Visual style

In this step we create complete color visuals. In short we can say that we have a colored storyboard ready with us. 

At this step we have character design, background color, text and icons having a wholesome visual ready with us.

Usually we create 2-3 types of visual ready for the client to choose from. Once the client chooses his taste then we translate all the sketches into colored in


This is very creative part of making animated video, hence we do not disturb the designer much in this time frame. 

Step 6: Animation

This is the step where we actually get close to seeing a video.The illusion of real life object moving is given at this stage of the process.

Perfect timing with the good voiceover is used to make our animated video ready.

These Illustrations are very creative work to be done.

Step 7: Music

Only the voiceover is not enough to make it look complete we require background scores and soundtracks with great sound effects.

We either choose royalty free music from reliable sources.

If the clients budget is high we make use of music composers to create an original music for animated videos of business.

This is a noteworthy step because once this is done the entire video feels lively and gets the energy required to make that impact.

Step 8: Final Vision of Business

The final goal of creating short animated video for business is to have an explainer video which can very easily get the communication of our business to the end user.

Short animated videos work well for business but we need to be sure that the message we want to covey to the audience is the exact same thing that the final video is giving impact.

We even get the video verified by the clients once so that they are happy with the work done. However having a good presentable video with wonderful voiceover and background music is what we need to make the illustrations powerful.



At the end successful delivery of video is very important.

That is the proven steps we follow on how to make animated video.

There are many more way to create videos but this is the way we follow and if you are looking forward to create your own video this method will surely help you to make animated video.

We hope these steps might help you to create your own animated videos as well.

If at any point you feel that external help is required to make videos we would be always ready to help you make the professional looking animated video for your business.

If you need these services or have any other doubts feel free to contact us and we always help out business with their requirements.

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