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Top 12 Best explainer videos for Business


To make the best explainer videos there are a lot of things involved and the end result has to be the shortest, visually attractive, and a video that is appealing to the audience.


Boosting brand awareness within the audience is the sole purpose of a great explainer video.


This 30-second explainer video can be the masterpiece to your business or can help you roll out a new product you are going to launch for your business.


There are a lot of types of videos available, one such type is explainer videos having further subcategories in it. But for now, let’s see what are explainer videos?

Explainer videos

What are Explainer Videos?

As I mentioned earlier, when we have to explain a new product to our target audience we make use of explainer videos. When our target audience watches a short video they get to know the entire business or the product we are targeting in a short span of time.


These simple explainer videos are used in order to let our target audience make an easy decision on buying the product whether it will be a right fit for them.


There are various types of explainer videos. Right now videos with animation and human characters that visualize a story are in trend.


Before this, there were the whiteboard explainer videos which were in trend quite a few years back. They were the classic examples of explainer videos for business without many distractive elements in the background.


These are some of the questions which are catered by explainer videos:

  • What are the problems faced by the audience?
  • Who is the right fit customer?
  • How does it work?
  • How will it help them?

What are the problems faced by the audience?

First of all, we need to cater to the problems faced by our audience in our simple explainer videos.

By addressing to problems of our target audience we can have them hooked on to our video. Once they start relating to the problem mentioned they would want to also know the solution to it.

Who is the right fit customer?

Once we explain the problem faced by our Target audience they feel the same pinch and can relate to it. And these are the right fit customer for the business we are running and the solution we are providing. A corporate explainer video with a professional look to it will increase the CTR for the target audience.

How does it work?

Explain some key benefits and features of the Product or service that you are offering. These have to be told in a very precise manner and in such way that it actually feels lucrative for the audience. Some companies who make explainer videos also tell the success story of the people using their products or services. These testimonials are helpful to create credibility for the brand.

How will it help them?

This is crucial because if the audience is looking at the video at this point means they are facing the same issues and want to get it fixed. They might want to take action on it as well. But it all depends on this stage if they feel our product will actually solve the problem from the root cause. And at this stage, we show them how we have solved the issue using this product.


How to avail this offer?

In the end, the most important thing is the Call to action because without a strong CTA all the efforts are in wane. Sales is the key target of all businesses and at the end of the day, everyone wants sales to be the priority. To put all these things within a 30-second explainer video is no joke. 


The Best explainer video is our target yet being a simple one and not much complicated.


There are various types in which the Explainer Videos are categorized.


Let us learn how they are differentiated and used by Businesses. Even though we have divided them into several types but in the end, all of them contain illustrations and hence look similar to each other.


Here are some unique videos which we have categorized and are used widely and are favorite to our clients as well.

Types of Animated Explainer Videos

Best explainer video whiteboard explainer video explainer video software what are explainer video simple explainer video


A key component of Doctoroo is that quite mild colors are used in order to have a soft muted experience. This is a good type as it makes the audience feels good and is chosen for mild topics.


This explainer video has a futuristic approach to it. Build as a service looks more of a linear animation which is quite attractive with its animations and gives a professional look supporting explainer videos for business. It includes this dark background with glowing lines which makes it look more attractive and professional at the same time.


Explainer videos software by Ahref’s are quite attractive and their animations play an important role. They have transitions that move towards the right and the elements of previous slides dropdown. This is a unique way of creating great explainer videos. Along with the right voiceover, it creates very impactful explainer videos.

4.McDonald’s Going Tech

This type of video was inspired from back then when bright contrasting colors were made used. They used to very easily catch attention being the main motive of this simple explainer video. It is more of a journalist way of designing things and less of promotional methods.

5.Mobile Muster

In this type use of mobile is showed and how the entire universe can be created within mobile. This is a very unique yet simple explainer video just that it is visualized within the mobile world. It is a 2D illustration with all the animation taken place in flat style.


The animation visualizes different coworking spaces in interesting ways. There is different animations with frills to the design having a feel to corporate explainer videos.

7.Crazy Egg

This was used back then and the animations used to not move much but were great explainer videos to catch attention. This crazy egg video is made up of a single character interacting with the surroundings.

Whiteboard Explainer Videos

When there were no many colors used whiteboard explainer videos were used. It was a very successful type of video as it used to easily explain the business models. A lot of colors act as a distraction and sometimes without those it looks more neat and clean and is used to create simple explainer videos yet being very effective. There are a lot of uses of whiteboard explainer videos yet seen and are used for Corporate use as well. It can be given more of a Professional look or Fun aspect as well depending on the goals of the business.


8.National History Museum

They created this whiteboard explainer video for purpose of explaining 100 years of human evolution. Yet they have made use of premade characters and also made use of drawn items.

9.RSA Re-Imagining Work

The live-action of the hand is used to draw the animation characters. While some of the predesigned elements are used. But at the end giving a wholesome effect to the entire whiteboard and also different colors of marker used helps to make it more attractive. 

3D Animated Explainer Video

30-second explainer videos great explainer videos corporate explainer videos companies who make explainer videos explainer videos for business

3D Animated explainer videos are on the rise. As they have a depth effect on the videos making them more attractive and the movements are also different to them. Let us see some of the explainer videos software having 3D animation.


They made use of Clay structures for creating their 3D animation videos. This shows the elements and characters made of clay. This is a cute way of using an explainer video having all the articles on a live-table and making use of them to visualize the story of the brand.


They have created a unique explainer video with the wooden ball rolling. Even though it is a basic video yet giving professional look and can be used for corporate explainer videos


The visme animated explainer video has made use of a character having a 3D structure to it. There is digital environment used and also showing human interaction.




There are a lot of types of video structures possible to make a simple explainer video that is yet effective.


These videos are structured in such a way that they have some unique features that can be used in order to create an awesome video.


If you want to learn how to create an animated video.


If our explainer video is good it shows a positive effect on our business. Great explainer videos are used to crack open and explain the entire business in the shortest time possible.


We hope this article was able to help you choose a suitable explainer video for your business.


If you need any help choosing the video you need or why at all will you need a video to be efficient with your budgets feel free to contact us.


We would be more than happy to help you with your business needs.


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